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Celebrate 420 at The Pass

In honor of the beloved tradition, The Pass, a Berkshires-based farm-to-label grower and producer of adult-use cannabis products, is hosting three events this month at its Sheffield dispensary that will highlight its partner vendors. “This year, for the 420 holiday, we plan to create a fun, eventful, and memorable experience for our customers, while remaining Covid-compliant,” says Ally Brown, Marketing Manager at The Pass.


A look inside The Pass, a hive of cannabis cultivation in Sheffield

Much of the product sold by The Pass comes from its own, on-site growing operation at its Main Street location and another growing facility in Ashley Falls. There is an indoor cultivation center — a multi-tiered system of light and humidity-controlled growing rooms that take plants through every stage of life, and a large natural light greenhouse with grow lights that turn on automatically when natural light levels dip below a certain threshold.


The Green Rush: Legal Cannabis on the Rise

"If you think of us like a winery versus a package store, you'll start to get an idea of what we are doing here," explains Ally Brown, marketing manager at The Pass. "We have a multilevel indoor facility and a greenhouse. Everything is done on-site—drying, curing, trimming. Our extracts and edibles are also created on site, all of which are then third-party tested. As soon as they pass, we can bring the product right through the doors."


Sheffield Cannabis Operation OK’d for Expansion

"Having our flower production on-site ensures that our customers are getting the freshest cannabis possible," said head of cultivation Pete Steimer. "The opening of the Pass' second grow location will allow us to develop our wholesale business, have a stronger presence at dispensaries throughout the state and expand and diversify our in-house menu."


The Pass to Expand Grow Capacity

"On Nov. 19, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts granted approval for The Pass cannabis dispensary to add outdoor growing plus five additional greenhouses to its capacity at a second location in Sheffield."


Second marijuana growing location approved in Sheffield

"SHEFFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A marijuana business has been approved by the state to add another location for outdoor growing and five greenhouses in Sheffield. The business, The Pass, already has an indoor growing facility, an outdoor greenhouse and a lab for manufacturing the product at one location in the town."


Farm-to-Label Cannabis Comes to the Berkshires

"Having our flower production on-site ensures that our customers are getting the freshest cannabis possible," says Head of Cultivation, Pete Steimer. After the flowers are harvested, they’re dried and cured on-site, then third-party tested for pesticides and microbials. The flowers are then sent to a dedicated “trim trailer” where the team hand-trims buds for sale or sends them over to the lab for extraction into the distillate that’s the basis for its products like gummies and vape cartridges."



"The Pass is located right on Rt. 7, at 1375 N. Main St., in Sheffield, Massachusetts. It's about 5 miles North of the CT/Mass border, making The Pass the closest legal Cannabis dispensary to Western Connecticut, and the New York City metropolitan area. In my wildest dreams, I never thought that I would be able to legally step foot inside a marijuana growing operation. But, I did, and I was able to take photographs."



"To help with your goal, products are fashioned and packaged in brilliant color codes: From warm tones illustrating the spectrum for sativa, or sativa-leaning strains, cycling to cool tones of indica-leaning and indica strains. So, whether you’re a first-timer, or not, this is a great educational tool. On site, are cannabis consultants, or budtenders, that are extremely knowledgeable and can assist consumers with their objective that will tailor to their needs. Since the retail space is adjacent to the lab, the dispensary staff is able to communicate directly with the processing team regarding specific products. Now that’s what I call luxe shopping experience."


[Listen] MJ Bulls – Raising Cannabis Capital

"It was a long process but The Pass, a vertically integrated cannabis facility in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts is finally open. Michael Cohen, co founder and President, joins Dan Humiston to talk about his vertically integrated cannabis business. He shares in detail everything about his business, future plans, and retail stores."


A local weed dispensary rooted in community

"The Pass brand represents the mountain passes in which we live, it represents permission that we’ve been given a pass to consume. It represents passing from one state to another, it represents communal sharing, and community.

Michael Cohen is co-founder of The Pass, a marijuana dispensary located in Sheffield, Massachusetts, the closest such local weed dispensary to NYC.

Together with the other co-founder, Chris Weld, Michael has set up the local weed dispensary right on the borders of New York and Connecticut, which has recently opened up its doors to the public."


What’s The Allure Of Cannabis Concentrates?

“In Massachusetts, the concentrate market isn’t too big yet, and specifically, in Berkshire county, it’s about 6% of sales,” explained Cohen. He does expect that figure to increase in time. “We anticipate that this will change and concentrates will gain more traction as the market continues to mature and consumers start exploring different product types.”


A few quick Q & A's with the one and only, Whit, aka @sunnny.daze on Instagram!

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